Well, its almost that time of year again. As a birthday present to myself (and my car), I purchase a few upgrades and enjoy them over the next year until its time for even MOAR.

To mark the 1st year of ownership, the FR-S received a TRD Intake and TRD Catback Exhaust. I have enjoyed the two quite thoroughly over the past year, yet the mod bug bit hard and I've been creating a little shopping list.


On the list thus far is 18x8.5 RFP1's all the way around wrapped in Michelin Super Sports or Hankook R-S3. In addition, I'd like to install either the Eibach Pro or Racecomp lowering springs to erase that rallycar wheel gap.

On the business end of things, I'm looking at a ft86speedfactory Unequal Length Catted Header and Raceseng lightweight pulley set.

What should go first? The rational me says headers, pulleys, springs and wait until the stock tires disintegrate. However, I do like the look of some new shoes.

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