Was just creeping on your twitter account after you mentioned it in a comment, and now I have some questions...

1. You represent, or entirely are, an automotive consulting firm for buyers (now I understand your name); what is this like?

I've thought about doing this for people, like single old women who can't be bothered to pick out a decent new car but still want one; this could possibly save them money if the consultant went and haggled, as opposed to them.

2. I've been though your website (http://www.automatchconsulting.com/), it's okay, but there is room for much needed improvement.

I design websites, and was wondering if you could possibly benefit from anything that I could offer? I would charge next to nothing (less than you're charging for consulting services) since I need to build my portfolio, but I still need to look like I'm worth anything by charging more than nothing...



Feel free to shoot me a more detailed email if you're interested.



Happy Drifting!