So I fucked up my knee a couple of weeks ago, thought it was just a bad sprain or something. I ended up going to the ER after a few days when the pain started getting worse. They x-rayed my knee, didn’t see anything, and told me it was probably a sprained or torn ligament. Great.

I get an appointment with my orthopedic guy (I break a lot of bones, pretty sure I’ve made a few mortgage payments for him) for a week later. Meanwhile I’m hobbling around on crutches and gobbling down Vicoprofens like a fat kid with a bag of skittles. The doc guesses it’s a sprained PCL and sets me up with an MRI a week later.

Fast forward, its now more than two weeks after the fact, I get the MRI done and I’m waiting on the radiologist to look at the scan. She comes in with her eyes all bugged out asking when I’m going to see my doctor again. She says she’s going to call him and get my appointment moved up to that day and warns me repeatedly not to put any weight on it. I’m like, “Why, what’s up?” and all she’ll tell me is that she sees “something abnormal.”

Now I’m freaking out, thinking my shit’s all fucked up, convinced that the doc’s gonna tell me I need major surgery. Later that day, I’m sitting on the tissue paper, wracking my nerves and he comes in with this guilty look on his face and goes “Uhhh... it looks like your tibia is fractured.”

Turns out it’s just a hairline fracture and didn’t show up on the x-ray. He was really confused when I let out a “Thank God” after realizing I wasn’t going to need surgery. Even better, I don’t have to wear a cast. The downside is that I have to stay off of it for the next two months, but I’m getting pretty good on crutches.