France plans to facilitate electric conversions

Modifying your car in France is a nightmare if you want to do it properly and officially. When it comes to engine/drivetrain swaps, you’re in for a full evaluation of your car that will cost you a few thousand euros.

Electric conversions are technically possible here, but economically uninteresting due to homologation costs.


Now a bill has been proposed to the European Commission that should make it easier to convert a ICE car to electric.

The goal is to make electric conversions more affordable to encourage the transition. Right now, the conversion for a small car costs around 20.000€, the goal is to bring that down to 5-10.000€.


The side effect of it would be reduced manufacturing waste and 5500 to 40.000 new jobs.

The bonus side effect would be that we could get to keep older cars on the road to avoid the SUV-apocalypse.
I think I’ll keep my diesel 505, just in case :)

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