I have a friend who is turning a Merkur XR4Ti into a race car for a gentleman's racer series. That means he has about a $2,000 budget to improve the car. One of the things he said he was doing is putting a transmission in the car that is comprised of 3 different transmissions he got at the junk yard. A Ford Mustang 4 cyl transmission, a Mustang Cobra V8 transmission and a Camaro transmission. Apparently he needs parts from all 3 to get the gear ratios he wants.

He's apparently got a nice set of brake rotars, calipers and pads from a Mustang Cobra. He's also got a great deal on a fuel pump the size of a large water bottle. He's already got a limited slip diff (that isn't welded together to help the car drift) and he told me things he wants to do to the engine that sounded like the adults on all of the Peanuts cartoons.

Add a couple of nice anti-roll bars some new shocks and dampers (apparently the rear ones he wants are adjustable) and some Miata spec R tires and he hopes to have a car putting out 300-350hp that weighs less than 2400lbs with an adjustable suspension on it.

Other than the bodywork I'm not sure what part of that car will still be an XR4Ti, but hey it should be a blast to drive.