I have been shopping for a car for several months and just this evening signed the papers on a 2014 Dodge Charger SXT with the 3.5L V-6 and 8-Speed transmission.

I wasn't prepared to like the Charger as much as I do, but it suits my needs well; it's a fast, roomy long-distance cruiser that can seat four clients/co-workers/strippers with enough trunk room for their luggage/sales kits/dead hookers. It gets reasonable gas mileage and is about $5000 - $7000 less than an comparable Impala. Plus, a little bird told me the dealers were in a sales war and trying to move as much inventory off the lot as possible., so I got a good price (almost $8000.00 off sticker.)

My friend's daughter is a painter and she hand-painted the Led Zeppelin IV logos on the rear side windows of her father's truck as part of his father's day present. I though about adding a similar touch to the Charger as a tribute to the Charger's past.

I was thinking about having her paint either a small Fratzog (Dodge's symbol in the '60s and '70s) or the Charger "Vector" emblem (used until the mid-70s) on the rear quarter windows.

This, for those of you unfamiliar with car emblems from 40 years ago, is the Charger 'vector' or 'arrowhead'


and THIS is a Fratzog:


What say ye, Opponauts?