Prepare for a nerd rant

So I use the Adobe Creative Suite professionally and legally, my company bought my license so I ca do my job but because people were stealing the product (duh) adobe created a solution to do subscriptions only....which is great if you run a small company that doesn’t have an IT department. If that’s not you then you are screwed because your IT department will see the obvious holes and gaps in the creative cloud network and say “nuts to that this”.

The workaround is that adobe will sell companies standalone version to use...but...they wont allow updates on them outside of the cloud you HAVE to have it pushed out through your IT department, what that means is that any tiny update happens in herky jerky motions as some machines are updated before other remote machines that aren’t physically on location and on network. So the push comes, the software is updated and you do all your work, only to bring it to another workstation with an inferior point release and you are greeted with “sorry chum, this is an old version, you’re shit outta luck”. Okay fine, Im not on the same version, I am sure there is a good reason they aren’t cross compatible, i mean Adobe wouldn’t just throw a wrench in my workflow for no reason right?

Um no. You want to know what the difference is? A version number built into the project file. It literally goes from “=29" to “=30". If the program reads “=30" and you are on “=29" then it wont let you open it. But it couldn’t be as simple as going in and changing it, could it?


If you go in, change the code to “=1" then it works in all version with no errors.


Thanks guys.