My comcast bill has been creeping up slowly, started at $35 for the promotional rate, then it was $50 after the promotion ended. No biggie there, standard practice I get that. Im happy paying $50 a year. Then I noticed they jumped it up to $80 all this year (on autopay so I only now took notice). I checked my bill, $65 for service and a $15 “performance pro” package. So here’s the deal, I didn’t authorize a performance package, why is it there? and why did my regular rate go up?

I call

“oh yeah, when the promotions expire your bill goes up”

yes I know, it expired 4 years ago, why am I paying more

“you see you are getting faster internet and the promotion expired”

Yes I see that, but do you know how contracts work? You offer me something, then I agree to the terms. Did I authorize a performance increase?

“the last time we spoke was in 2016"

yeah, exactly I didn’t authorize a speed or rate increase

“aren’t you getting faster internet? do you know how to do a speed test?”

Are you listening to my words? I didn’t agree to pay for faster internet...why did you charge me for it?


“you see when promotions expire you pay the regular rate.”


what are you going to offer me for your overcharging me for a year.

“I can get you a TV package for $80 for 12 months.”

look...if i wanted a TV package I would have bought one. I don’t want TV

“I can get you internet only for $50 for 12 months”

so...the exact same deal on your’re not even going acknoledge you’ve been overcharging me without my permission for a year.


“are you getting faster internet, you see...”