Freakin' family

Do you have a family member that everyone follows even if its a stupid idea or their plan is completely self serving?


yeah, me too. Everytime I push back I get crap from my family.

The facts though, are right in front of them. in many cases its simple math.

I can make plans, I can get the ball rolling, but they’ll come out of left field  say “I’ve already put my plan into motion, oh and by the way if you don’t fall in line the plan falls apart and no one gets what they want k thnks.”


In most cases the trouble arises from the entire family (4 sibs and mom) trying to do something I can choose to:

1. go with the flow, let it slide this one time...again...for the family.

2. gracefully bow out of the activity and look like the anti-social family-hating ass.


3. push back and get crap from all sides for being an ass and always having to be right.

Normally I chose 1. 2 doesn’t work out well for the sibs that choose it for stupid backbiting reasons and 3 just results in me getting nothing but angry.


I’m going full 3 today. Im sick of this crap and if im going to be shat on, the least I can do is turn the fan speed up.

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