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Freakin' renters. A rant

So excited to sell my rental property. Enjoy this placard for the mens bathroom at work. Write your own jokes about the well endowed rhino as a buffer.

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I’ve been super patient and lenient with this guy, never charging late fees, standing up for them against HOA complaints, etc. He tells me he’d be out by the contract date of the 30th...then he can’t be, so I say fine I’ll let you have until the 31st is the place is clean and ready to show AND you have rent ready. Fine. Go over at 6 pm yesterday for the final walk through and HE’S STILL MOVING AND THE PLACE IS IN POOR SHAPE. Also no rent. Best part? They want to know how soon they can get their deposit back because their new rent due on the 7th is dependent on it. Sorry guys, but you are NOT getting all that deposit back....ESPECIALLY with outstanding rent.

Walls ceilings and trim covered with ash because they burned logs in a gas fireplace (WTH!), holes in walls and doors and the completely ruined carpets as well as broken bathroom fixtures....yeah no.

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