Me this morning, trying to get a trailer solution sorted.

I’ve got a camp trailer and it’s wearing the tires badly causing me to burn through tires REALLY fast. The tire wear looks like this on both tires on the axle.

The trouble, as I see it, is that the trailer was designed badly. Its a huge trailer that should be double axle but is single, as a result, its a 2800 lbs trailer with a 3000 lbs axle. They claim a GCWR of 3350 because 350 lbs will be tongue weight. Which, btw, if you do the math means that at load there is only 10% tongue weight which probably explains why it likes to sway like crazy on the freeway even when properly loaded.


Basically, they are on the design limits in every possible way to make it work. You have to get the strongest possible tires in the size spec’d to meet the axle rating...which is insufficient for the weight of the trailer...that’s so delicately balanced that it doesn’t tow well because you can’t add enough tongue weight to make it inherently stable without overloading the tires/axles. Its garbagesauce.

I thought about putting a new axle in so I call an axle place and they have the time to get it done. I bring it down there go, there isn’t enough room to put in a larger axle without raising the trailer up several inches (new axle would be thicker and hit the frame. So add stupid tight clearances to the list of things that have no margins on this trailer.


Raising the trailer up several inches means getting a new hitch with a new tab for the sway arm welded on and it means moving the step up an unacceptable amount for the kids (hey, its a camp trailer, gotta keep the kids and wife happy...thats its job), something I already tried to convince the family to do (to allow the trailer to have better angles) and failed.


Sooo. Im back to sqaure 1. My new plan is to have the axle alligned, and replace the tires (bias) with Radials of the same size but a 1710 lb rating and then just keep anything heavy in the truck that doesn’t mind the load.

Also, I need new front control arm bushings for the cruiser...I tore one it looks like after bashing the chassis side mount into a rock a while back...ooops.