Freakin Union types

Look, I don’t know enough about Union labor to even have an opinion, my only experience has been at conferences and its been universally bad.

1. We got charged for having a vacuum in our booth because we aren’t allowed to vacuum, only the approved vendor can do that. bear in mind we weren’t vacuuming. The vacuum travels with the booth to all events.


2. They aren’t done laying the carpets and so they changed the time I can access the booth, where it used to be 8 giving me tons of time, now its 10. it opens to the public at 12.

3. They yelled at me for trying to bring in a soda I was done with and was just trying to find a garbage can for.


4. Literally every. single. person I’ve talked to is being an ass.

Are unions bad? probably not. Do they make my life hell? yes they do.

for your time, enjoy the new undisputed champ of terrible food to dollar.

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This “meal”...while not only winning the title of “worst chicken I’ve ever put in my mouth” also cost me (my company) $24 with a drink.

Im not joking about the worst chicken thing either. it was BAD. Like literally gaging on the texture bad. Difficult to physically consume bad. Redeeming value being that it didn’t make me ill bad. Im not a food snob. This was a new level of what I thought food could stoop to. Fries were okay.

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