I took a short drive at lunch today and came across a bicycle waiting for the trash man to take it to an early grave. Well, we can’t let that happen! I scooped it up, put it on the rack and went back to work

On the way back into the garage, I discovered how short the ceilings are by whacking the low overhang bar with the seat. No problem. I just parked in the first section where the ceiling is high.

The bike is a Trek MT220 which has seen better days. It needs a new front brake, new cables, a new chain, and new grips. The other parts are in decent shape. The paint is fine except in one spot on the fork. It has some tape residue from an encounter with duct tape and it has a bunch of zip ties attached to the frame with the long end poking into the spokes. I suppose this is to get that authentic engine sound. It also has pipe wrap protecting the top tube and a SOG sheath zip ties to the frame.

This is going to be a fun little cleanup project. We already have a line on a kid who lost his bike to the flood. I think he’ll like it!