So I bartered my way into a coworkers 16 ft aluminum bass boat in exchange for some help painting their deck. Got it home and now to do the maintenance on it as it hasn’t been used much the last two years. So after watching a few youtube videos I feel pretty confident doing everything myself and here’s the breakdown:

  • Compression test and replacing the sparkplugs - done
  • Clean the fuel filter - done
  • Replace some of the upper decking - done
  • New tires for the trailer - picking them up with my truck tomorrow after some maintenance and inspection
  • Clean and re-grease tilt and steering joints - done
  • New impeller and anode - parts arrived and will be completing this week
  • Thermostat test and gasket - parts arrived and will be completing this week
  • Changing the gearbox oil - No idea what type of oil to use, please help!
  • New trailer lights and harness - done but trying to figure out where I have a grounding issue before soldering and heat-shrinking the connectors, any tips?
  • Flushing the gas tank - there isn’t much left in it, but any tips would be helpful

The motor is an ‘88 Johnson 28 hp and I can’t seem to find anywhere what type of gearbox oil to use. A lot of motors use ATF, but if anyone has any idea of where I should look it would be much appreciated.


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