A friend is giving away his 2005 Ford Econoline van that he’s (presumbaly) been using to haul his music equipment around for some time now. This was a good friend from high school who has always been an extremely talented musician and I think he’s finally now “making it” after an appearance on The Voice last year where he came in second overall. In any case, he’s awarding this fine example of Ford’s Box on Frame gem to the individual with the best hashtag describing a beaten down panel van.

I wish you could link directly to things on Facebook. But I can point someone in the right direction if they want a free van in the Nashville area. Pics (out of original order, sorry) and description below, heavy sarcasm included at no extra charge:

Do you want to participate in the Nashville Free Van Give-Away Hashtag Contest?! It’s this simple: IF you want this van just leave the funniest hashtag for it below. I’ll pick the winner in 48 hours and it’s all yours. You have to pick-up the keys from me in Kingston Springs.

Prize Info: 1 2005 Ford E-250 van.

Pic1: 0% Metalized Window Film Tinting on most of the windows.

Pic 2: Custom Triple-Tone Dual-Finish Acrylic Enamel Paint Job.

Pic3: Hand-Selected barely-used Performance Racing tires and Aggressively Stylish Steel Bumper with extra-strength Bungee Reinforcement System.

Pic4: The good side.

Pick5: Hand-crafted floor cover with Safety Belt securing straps for all your equipment carrying needs.

Pick6: Freshly detailed interior with extra in-seat driver-side cup holder.

This baby only has 200,000 miles on it (mostly highway miles). Used to have a second bench seat (it’s in heaven now). Needs a new battery, a jump, and possibly a little love.

Good luck everybody.