Hello Oppo. As CB mentioned I am moving across the country soon. This means we need to simplify and add lightness because my Cavalier is not very big.

Free to anyone on Oppo who can show up at my house (Ottawa ON) are the following magazines:

From L-R top to bottom:

Automobile October 2000

Automobile December 2001

Motor Trend June 2003

Motor Trend May 2005

Car and Driver December 2001

Road and Track April 2005

(Bottom row starting left:

Automobile July 1998

Automobile May 2001

Automobile October 2001

Road and Track September 1999 (This one is not great shape)

Automobile July 2002

And this last one which is some weird thing. It’s from Automobile in the Year 2000 and is all about Ford and Ford’s brands at that time (Aston, Jaguar, Lincoln, Volvo, Mercury, Mazda, and of course...Ford).


Free or best offer. If these aren’t claimed then they go into recycle. Take as many or as few as you want.