Well that was fun. Coming home from a show on Sunday, I was on the highway doing around 70. All of a sudden I felt this shudder, and then a BANG and all hell broke loose under the car. I pulled over as fast I could. I peeked under the car and could see that my drive shaft was MIA and that the transmission was leaking pretty bad, that was about it. So, I called the tow truck.

Once I got home, I started my investigation at the rear. The u-joint flange yoke had one ear snapped off.

The exhaust was mangled by the whipping drive shaft pretty good.


This is the remainder of my drive shaft. The shaft had the slip joint built in, this nub is all that held on. See how the mounting bolts are at a weird angle? The transmission mount is bent down, and the tail shaft area is cracked real bad. That’s where it was gushing fluid from.

The crack:


Gnarly right? Well, moving forward to the bell housing I found this. Peek a boo, I see you torque converter!

Passenger side:


Driver side:

Moral of my story: Get a drive shaft loop. While it would not have prevented this (my internet know-it-all sources think it was a faulty drive shaft) the damage probably would have been less severe.