...by G_Body_Man in Ontario. This deserves re-posting because it’s a neat looking, ridiculously comfortable car when in good shape and it deserves to go to a good home. Don’t let a good car die for no reason!!!

It comes with a repair manual, the frame rail, an extra set of rims and tires, a can of colour-matched paint, some bondo, and some other miscellaneous odds and ends.

It’s technically $1 (redeemable, but come. on.) but don’t look this gift horse in the mouth by being pedantic. You’re not just getting a free car, but saving a classic car and helping a fellow Opponaut who is going out of his way to not scrap a neat luxobarge he cares about.

**I am posting this without the consent of G_Body_Man (or the mods), so I’m sorry if this is unwanted and I’ll take it down if that’s the case, but some more exposure can’t hurt**


G Bodies are cool. Free cars are cool. Saving Oppo rides is cool. Be a triple threat of coolness.