Free Parts and Help?

I'm curious, has anyone ever given free parts or help to you? I'm often given free parts from people because they like that a young guy is fixing his car. I've been given: 6x heads for my 400, a 4 barrel intake for my 400, two carbs (Qjet and 2-barrel), transmission (th400), old cast iron manifolds for the 400, door panel emblems ($30 a piece), window switches, random dash electronics, wiring connectors, gauges, OE gas cap, an original dome light lens, and other small bits.

It's not just parts, one thing I've found is a car guy will almost always help another car guy (me) when they are stuck on the side of a road. I was driving the 46 International and screwed up the carb and choke assembly when I stalled it, a great car guy helped me get it running and then allowed me to pull into his garage (where he had a bad ass 72 Chevy Suburban) and fix the problem.


What has the "car guy brotherhood" given to you?

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