Nope, not kidding. Would prefer not to ship though. Items located in Los Angeles.

EM1 Civic OEM Honda front control arms, very lightly used (~1000 miles?). Great for your high mileage Civic with worn control arm bushings.

1999 Camry front inner tie rod ends, front outer tie rod ends, front lower ball joints, headlights. Suspension parts came as part of a package from 1A Auto but I only used the front control arms and sway bar end links. Headlights are OEM, slightly foggy, and have height/direction adjusters from an aftermarket set (i.e. they suck and you will have to get creative to adjust these).

Lug nuts for Toyota OEM wheels. And a set of Honda lug nuts too. If you need lug nuts, say something and I’ll see if I have a set.

Acura RSX dashboard tweeters.

Stereo wiring? RCA cables, a long 4 gauge power cable, and a roll of new and used speaker wires.


Focal 13ks mini woofer. Tiny hole in the rubber surround that was patched, but barely used.

Kenwood HD Radio module. 3/4" MDF 6.5" speaker brackets.

Also have an FN2 Civic Type R shift knob with collar.

And finally one of those car wash nozzles that you can attach to a hose with a canister to auto-mix the car wash shampoo.


Seeing of any Jalops need this stuff before I toss it on Craigslist. Or the dumpster. I’m moving soon and the wife is throwing a fit. And throwing car parts at my head.