Free PC For Anyone That Wants It!

This is a Dell Dimension 4100...well, most of one, anyway. Last night I got a new toy to play with and what little interest I had in making a custom Windows 98 system dissolved away.

You may recall that I bought this Dimension 4100 for its case for my ongoing sleeper build. That’s still going on. I kinda figured I’d make two projects out of it, but nah..


I’m getting ready to donate this thing, but before I do that, I want to offer Oppo this system!

What it comes with:

CPU: NaN (Accepts Pentium III)

RAM: 512 MB

Disc Drive

AGP Card

Sound Card

PSU (No Power Cable)



CPU Fan (With Ducting)

Cabling for HDD and Disc Drive

It’ll just need a CPU, hard drive, and power cable.

It’s yours only for the cost of shipping!

Here’s the new toy: A $30 Prime Systems build from eBay. The motherboard in this bad boy takes any LGA775 CPU. Xeon here we come!


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