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Free Roomba

The continuing saga of getting free stuff from folks who live in a disposal culture.

A few days ago a guy at work mentioned he was annoyed that his roomba had died after only a year or so and he had to buy another.


“What did you do with the old one?”

“I’m going to throw it out...”

“I’ll take it!”

“Whatever floats your boat man”

So, finally got it home a few days ago. Let’s see what I’m working with.

Illustration for article titled Free Roomba

Hmmmm...That could be the problem...

After a bath in contact cleaner and a bit of light scrubbing.

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Hook everything up and good to go...literally 20 minutes of effort and I have a working 400 dollar machine.

Stop throwing things away people.

Side note, those guys at iRobot put together a really nice product. Everything is high quality, modular, and very logically laid out for easy repair and maintenance. Something you rarely see in modern electronics, three thumbs up.


Also, the dog hates its new mechanized housemate.

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