Free Schtuff - Baseball caps!

I’ve been on a bit of a cleaning and organizing jag. I’ve got hats that I’ve never worn, free for the asking. Plus shipping.

Local (Austin Texas) delivery strongly preferred. If you’re out of town and you want it, I’m happy to drop it in a USPS flat rate box and send it to you for whatever the USPS charges, which looks to be $14.35 for the size box that the hat will ship in and not get messed up.


The hats!

Hat the first, a black Pirelli podium style cap, but NOT marked with 1st/2nd/3rd. Embroidered leaves on the bill and a big embroidered Pirelli logo on the front. There’s also a smaller embroidered logo on the back.


Hat the second, a BMW ///M cap. p/n 80 16 2 410 913. The edge of the brim says “M THE MOST POWERFUL LETTER IN THE WORLD” and the M on the front of the cap looks like it might be reflective?

Hat the last, a Porsche LMP Team cap. This was given to me by one of the Porsche LMP Team engineers, yoinked from the team stash.


You want it? Comment on this post to claim it (earliest timestamp wins) and then find an ancient post of mine to reply to and give me contact info there. I’ll dismiss replies with contact info in them.

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