I was walking to my car this afternoon, and as I put my laptop bag into the passenger side, I noticed a shiny thing under the hood, so I looked closer, but couldn’t really make out what it was. So I popped the hood, and behold:

The caption says “free tools!?”

It’s a Torx-bit that was wedged between the weather strip of the hood and the plastic piece beneath the wipers. It was probably left there by a mechanic at the Renault Dealership it was serviced at back in April, since it is a relatively high-end Facom bit.

The weird thing is that I didn’t notice it, which you would expect since it probably has been there for over a month. But I didn’t notice any extra rattles, over the normal French car rattles that is. Since returning it is pointless now, due to the rust, I’m probably just going to throw it away.