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Hey guys, I recently started using this website that will pull history reports with no cost, no login, and no scammy way to sneak a VIN into a URL.

It pulls the same reports you’re used to seeing, it just makes you wait about 30 seconds before it pulls it up. Claims that you can share to facebook/twitter/etc to get it instantly, I’ve never bothered though. Interesting vehicle? OK grab vin, throw into motosnoop.com then continue looking at the rest of the pictures.


Just thought I would share because I still see people post looking for free history reports.


UPDATE: A lot of you have said “What’s the catch?!” Well, there isn’t one. the website is abusing a Buick Dealer from NY’s autocheck account. If you check the source code after running, it manipulated the site to pull back info for whatever VIN you run. Example:

I highlighted in green the Buick website, I ran a couple VIN’s it seems like the only site it’s using to get access.

So now you know, enjoy!

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