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Freedom 34 has gone sideways and crashed

So anyways, a few years ago, thanks to a sudden move back to Seattle and child care malfunctions, I looked at the bank balance and decided to take a few years off with the kids. Fast forward to now, and wife’s job situation seems to have an end date a few years out. My wife makes bank, so this is a bit of a problem. Even given that, she tends to have to deal with a lot of garbage (long hours and lots of travel) at work thanks to my perceived competence as Mr. Mom.

In any case our youngest is off to Kindergarten and I need to go back to work to take some of the pressure off. Does Oppo have any advice for rejoining the workforce? Is anyone hiring in DC?


Applying for jobs here seems to be more a matter of calling Mommy or Daddy’s friends as opposed to submitting resumes even at the mid-career level. Since I know pretty much no one here, and my parents don’t either, that’s an issue.

Should I just take a retail job and make the best of it, or aim higher?

I’ve worked in commercial/retail banking, developing simulation software (and consulting for lots of government and corporate clients), taught engineering for four years at a U.S. service academy, did consulting in college for aluminum companies and one of the Big 3, and worked with a bunch of startups. Kinda pulling my hair out at this point as I can’t even get an interview.

So Oppo, throw some advice my way.  Or post awesome rally videos.  Both will help.

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