Freedom Van Can Be Yours

This week, in GSA Auction Watch: A Star-Spangled Van.

Ever feel like the current offerings in the van market just aren't patriotic enough? Neither do I. I mean, once you've got your American-made, 1998 Chevy 3500 van, you've got to add a roof extension, because the stock van's roofline can't possibly contain your ever-expanding love for these United States. But even then, you're not quite there. It's not enough to have patriotism, you need to make sure everyone else on the road knows it, lest you be accused of being a motherless commie. So, what would you say if i said that, for a few thousand dollars, you could buy a roof-extended Chevy van with an American flag vinyl wrap, complete with bald eagles?


I'll tell you what you would say. You'd say, "Shut up and take my hard-earned, sweat-soaked money so that the world will finally understand me!"

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