This title was written with a large quantity of sarcasm. It’s been 5 years since I’ve been to this part of Seattle until today and at age 28 and I feel about as hip as a 63 year old with a hip replacement. My ears are ringing from the “louder equals better!” live music. Beer costing 6.25 a pint... Food portions being absurdly small although delicious. People wearing ski caps when it’s still 65 degrees outside. Beards so long they require a yardstick for scale. An art gallery so pretentious and outdated that San Francisco is asking if it’s 2004 in Seattle again.

I am not with it. I am older and more detached. I’ve never been a true city guy. But I had a lot of fun. It’s good to remember *why* I am not part of that scene anymore whilst having a few beers. Good to see old friends and dust off my go-to hipster outfit.

Also, my wife is absolutely in love with her new car. Another post on that when I get my hearing back and this headache stops.