My Heuer is finally back and working after a 3.5 month wait. This is a rare Heuer Monnin 844 made in France not Switzerland, considered the holy grail of the Heuer line. You can even Google “Heuer Monnin holy grail” and find links on it. I got it back in 1979. My father and I were shopping for gifts for my mom and sisters when he asked me what watch to buy in a jewelers case to replace his beat up base model Rolex. I pointed to the Heuer, 5 minutes later he handed it to me and said “Merry Christmas”. It hasn’t worked since the early 90s. I finally got the courage and the money to send it out for repair. On Heuer fanboy websites there are many forum threads about the model. This is the rarest version an 844 with no suffix, not an 844-1 through 844-5 but an original first edition dive model . This is an early form of the watch that saved Heuer from financial ruin back in the late 70s. I am so glad to have it back and now will be searching for a nice ballistic nylon or vintage leather Nato strap.

There is speculation that the French Foreign Legion used this as standard issue for their dive units. The case manufacturer for these is still in business making cases for CWC who makes the dive watches for the British military dive teams. The case was even used for the Chronosport Seamaster 30 that Magnum P.I. wore while tooling around the Hawiian islands in that red Ferrari. This same case making company was acquired by a group comprised of Patek Philippe, Richemont Group and Rolex back in 2001. They still keep cranking out shells for some of the best new watches and carry on a tradition of quality watchmaking.

Invicta 8926 Automatic pro-diver exibition type with Sieko NH35A twenty-four jewel movement for scale. A 40mm case vs the Heuer 42mm. Now to start shopping the web for that new band.