This is one of those topics where 95% of the readers will say, “Everyone knows that!” Four percent will say, “My state has it!” and one percent will say, “You’re wrong.” Of course, those one percent always think I am wrong.

The notion is that you can return anything (or break any contract) for three days for any reason whatsoever without any negative repurcussions. And the notion is false.

Despite how everyone claims to know this - the “No ‘3-day’ thing” - I get calls about once a week from someone panicking because they bought a bad car 2-and-a-half days ago and need to return in the next half day. Right?!

Mostly, I think this is spurred by wishful thinking. People who have bought bad cars thrash around in their minds, trying desperatly to find a way out from under that as-is brick in the driveway.


And yes, I know CA has a thing where you can buy a form of insurance from a car dealer that allows you to return a used car within a TWO DAY window but you have to buy it first. And that is not the same as a FREE three day window to return anything for any reason.

So, here is the audio.


And the video.

And notice that I have a new logo. This is the first episode of Year Three of Lehto’s Law. My, how the time flies. (Pic at top is from Orphan car show, Ypsilanti, a few weeks ago.)


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