There is a bigly wide, tight, right hander that goes into 3 lanes as you approach my office. If you’re out before rush hour and you catch the green light, you can safely make that right turn with more spirit than most are comfortable with three huge lanes of forgiveness.

I’ve got the 02 because it’s a gorgeous Friday and I was chasing down my colleague (991 4S Cabriolet) as we approached the turn I’m referring to. I saw no brake lights from him so I knew he was at least going to be a grown up about it, so I gave it the beans. It went like this:


I thought, as I cackled “whoops, that was a little too much juice I’m getting pulled over for sure.” I did not, (do your good luck dance). I hadn’t even turned my office light on yet when I heard my intercom buzz, “boop, that was fuckin’ awesome! click.”

I don’t know how many HP the 02 is churning out, but it cant be much more than 100. It is easily the best car I have ever owned for driving.

Happy Friday!

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