Friday Going Along Nicely ...

I was thinking things have stabilized at work, with major transitions happening over the last few years. Then I get a call saying basically 2/3 of the things I do aren’t really supposed to be in my job description, despite that being exactly what was in my job description when I was hired just a few years ago. I’m all for learning new skills, in fact, it’s something I would like to do MORE, especially where I work at a university. But I was basically told I’ll have to find a way to transition a bunch of my responsibilities BACK to people who have come to rely on me for things... that they can’t do because of staff shortages, among other reasons.

At least tonight, I get to go coach ski jumping and be outside, far from this train wreck. Best case, I get to learn some stuff and can still manage to support the people who know and trust me to keep things going smoothly for them. What I’d really like to do is get an advanced degree so I can do something more interesting. But my wife just got a huge promotion so she’s in the spotlight (there’s literally a press release on her being the first woman in her new job) and I’m patiently hanging back for now.


It’s all good in the long run, but damn. F-you Friday.

Wait. Maybe I’ll go have a beer with my lunch. Hmm....

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