What don’t I have a problem with? People who jump into a gap for a turn lane or highway ramp instead of joining the back of the line. Fight me.

The guy right behind the green car is the one that bugs me.

Let’s be clear here. I’m not talking about people who wait until the last second and then SHOVE their way in. They hold up the entire line and can go fuck themselves before I let them. Fuck you, go around the block and try again. I’m not letting you in if I can help it. I’m talking about those who grab a gap that already exists because someone is leaving too much space.


Reason #1. The people who do this are doing nothing to hold up the line. They are actually making it more efficient imo, because the space they took was being wasted before and the person who would have been behind them is effectively one car ahead (positionally though not by an actual count).


Reason #2. The people who do this RARELY become an obstruction later on. The kind of person who has the foresight to realize a gap WILL open up in a particular place tends not to get in the way. At least in my experience.

Reason #3. Getting in the lane further back could have presented a holdup to those in the lane they were leaving, especially in rush hour. Better to slot in on the move once people spread out than to hold up a lane while you sit and wait for a gap. Actually, if you do that you aren’t holding up just the one lane, you’re holding up both because the drivers in the lane you’re trying to enter have to hesitate while everyone else is trying to get rolling.



Where do I fit in: I’ve been on both sides of it and will continue to be. If there’s a gap that I can be bothered to fill, I will fill it. If it involves aggressive acceleration and braking, most likely I’ll just say fuck it and get in sooner. If I’m already in and someone jumps in front of me, unless they forced their way in to a spot that really wasn’t big enough, meh. My problem for leaving too much space. And probably won’t be a problem because like I said it’s most likely a person who isn’t going to hold everyone up. If someone jumps into the line somewhere ahead of me, it doesn’t hold me up... it’s the guy who left the oversize gap that bugs me.


Exception: If, like the picture above, the lane JUST started... If you’re in the right hand lane in this case and want to turn right, just get in. FFS. Under certain circumstances I’m OK with applying everything I just wrote to drivers coming from the middle lane, but for the most part just get in.


And now, to the comments... this should be fun