Shit. Utter shit.

I’m not actually in the market for a new car, but I enjoy some incessant occasional unnecessary car shopping over a cup of coffee as much as the next Oppo. Why do dealership websites have to feel like spammy crap from 2005? Give me a clean layout, useful navigation and lose the popup windows and chat boxes. Claire, you can’t help me. Really, I’ll let you know when you can.


But most of all, how damned hard is it to post in focus, high-resolution photos of your inventory in 2019? There’s certainly an app for that. Bandwidth and cloud storage is cheap. Most of the dealers in my area, when they do bother to have photos of actual inventory, have 10 or so blurry, out of focus images that look like they were taken by a hungover dude with a flip phone camera from 2007. When they do happen to have in-focus photos, they’re usually low resolution so that I can’t spot condition issues on used cars, or verify that even something new actually is equipped as described.

I’ve actually bought a new vehicle from 700 miles away and negotiated the whole thing via email. That would’ve been a lot less likely to happen had that dealership not had some decent photos of the truck I wanted to give them money for. This shit isn’t that hard.

That is all. Return to your normal Friday morning Oppo.

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