Today is the day (allegedly) that Trump will announce the approved release of the infamous Nunes memo regarding FBI surveillance practices and alleged FISA abuses. A few quick thoughts:

1) Nobody is disputing the facts of the memo. The dispute is that it’s only a partial picture, an incomplete telling; therefore, the conclusions drawn are incorrect. However, remember that the actual facts have not been disputed by either the Democrats or the FBI.

2) The Democrats have been fighting ridiculously hard to keep this under wraps. There has to be a reason why, and I’m interested to find out why.

3) The FBI is likewise against the release. In my opinion that’s because either it reveals methods of intelligence gathering that could impact future operations (not likely) OR because it makes the FBI look really bad. Occam’s razor.


4) The memo is undoubtedly partisan. No dispute. See point number one. It’s possible to see through the potentially inflated rhetoric and look at the facts to say “wait... did that really happen?”. In other words, question the source, but don’t dismiss it in full because of the source. I believe we will see some very intriguing facts, but we may have to glean our own conclusions.

5) pop the popcorn and grab a chair. The mud is about to be flung everywhere.