Gather around and bask in the glory of the most interesting thing I’ve come across in my evening’s travels of the Car Side of the Internet: the “LSX Miata”.

Oh hello there lil guy, what’s that you got between those angry little eyes?

“More than you can afford, pal.”

Huh, clearly.

With an asking price of $26,500, this is five times my budget for a Miata. The current owner’s description of what we’re looking at:

  • Motor and trans from 02 SS Camaro (Fully forged LS1 to a 383, 10.5:1 compression, BTR stage 4 cam, LS2 coil packs, Robbins v8 roadster radiator and fans, Walbro 255 fuel pump)
  • Stock 02 Camaro computer wired into the Miata harness
  • has all functioning lights in gauge cluster etc for full diagnostic ability
  • 200k (body miles), build mileage is less than 10k

This is basically a Miata shell on top of a monster.

Current owner claims it gets 25+mpg (93 octane only, of course) and is the most reliable “toy” they’ve owned yet.

If you’ve made it this far and you’re actually interested, hit a bro up and strike a deal. They’re willing to consider certain trades. And, if you do acquire it, inbox me. I’d kind of like to drive it.

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