Friday Night Finds: 1995 Toyota Celica GT Convertible

Hello, 1995? Hey, it’s me. We’d like your headlights back.


The bright-eyed, fresh-picked apple aesthetic of this Celica is a cozy image on a cold North American winter night. Fantasies of summer afternoon drives in this convertible over PA rural routes with lush fields of timothy hay on either side fragrancing the air fill the theater of my mind when I close my eyes. I accelerate through the curves in the road and successfully dodge every bunny that darts across my path. This sixth gen Celica is so astonishingly well kept for its mileage (~186,500 as of 15-Dec-19) that it must have some sort of forcefield protecting it. The bunnies get to live.

Total “Passenger gets NOTHING” vibes.

The 2.2L I4 engine (5S-FE) in this car is closely related to its turbo-charged sister (3S-GTE), found in the 1994-1999 MR2 and GT-Four, but has a higher displacement. The real selling point, besides the immaculate maintenance records and the imagined fun one could have, is the 5 speed manual transmission. I don’t remember seeing many non-Miata MT convertibles during this era, and my quick googling hasn’t helped me unearth many statistics, so I can not back up the rarity of such a feature sans roof. We’ll just have to agree that it is good and move on.

Ok, ok, the service records:

  • New air intake hose 186,000
  • New battery 186,000
  • Replace shifter cables 185,000
  • New Tires 181,760
  • New Roof and seats recovered 175,000
  • New front seals, timing belt, oil-pan gasket, and front cv axles 171,788
  • New radiator, power steering and a/c serpentine belts 171,766
  • Front Drive Axle 166,853
  • New front brakes, rotors, and caliper 161,044
  • Replace left rear window regulator 149,689
  • Valve Cover Gasket 148,654

Granted, all of this was in the last 38,000mi, but one could discern that the vehicle must have been well kept in its first 148k to earn this level of refurbishment at that mileage. A ree-fined Georgia peach.

somebody done a doodle on your plate

She’s all yours for $3800. Or, if you’re feeling generous, I’ll accept her as a Winter Solstice gift. Just let me know when you get the title and I’ll go pick her up.


Happy Christmas, oppo. See you on the other side.

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