This was a nice little Friday project. The bed of my ‘66 GMC was pretty tore up. When I removed the wood I noticed that the bed wasn’t really attached to the frame. All the rivets had stretched and I could lift the bed up about three inches. I bought some anchor bolts and secured the bed to the frame. I then cut my $17 worth of wood using a $20 jigsaw from Harbor Freight. I layed the new wood in and bolted it to the bed. I put some water proofer on the wood just to seal it in a little.

I plan on covering the bed with old metal signs. I picked the stop sign up at an antique store for $20, so I figured I would put that one in first in order to hold the two pieces of wood together. Once all the signs are in in going to spray some clear Plastidip on them in order to give the bed a little grip. I think it turned out pretty well. I would have splurged for a new wood set, but this truck is pretty ratty and I think having the bed made up of old gas station and street signs fits the character of the truck more.