My wife and I indulge in few luxuries. Starbucks every Friday is one of them.

Average MPG 15.8.  obamanotbad.jpg
Average MPG 15.8. obamanotbad.jpg
I brought this truck in today.
I brought this truck in today.

Now I typically get a Venti Dark with room for cream and her autumn Starbucks order is almost a paragraph: Double Grande Pumpkin Spice Frappucino no Whip Extra Pumpkin. In a Venti cup.


We go to the same Starbucks every Friday and they know our order.

The woman behind the counter asked - in a salty tone - “why a Venti cup? Extra whip?”


I replied, “no whip.”

To which she asked again, “why the Venti cup then?”

And I deadpanned as hard as I could, “I do not question my wife when it comes to coffee.”


It took forever this morning because one of their two espresso machines was down, and in the ten minutes it took for the coffee to arrive, one college girl stood out.

This young woman was probably 20ish, with wet hair like she just got out of the shower, and was wearing:

A baggy t-shirt from some charity run from 2002.
Black Yoga Pants
Black-horned-rim glasses
Strappy, gold-lamé “Gladiator” sandals
a blue, star-spangled tutu.


Let me reiterate:


I can only hope that this was part of her Halloween costume.

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