Friend goes drifting, I try to film it....

Little side story here:

My good friend is a car nut like me. (Ghosty501) Over the last two years he's gotten really interested in Drifting events, alongside rally racing and F1.
This summer he bought this Nissan 180sx. He didn't pay too much for it, and it's not what you would call "good condition", But it's lightweight, RWD, and cheep, so now he can drift!
Flash forward to August and he tells me he's entered a Club FR event and that I should come along. duh. I've been taking my camera to events like this for years, and i really wanted to capture my buddies first foray into drifting. I'm new to filming and the like, but i thought this wasn't bad. Just wanted to share, Here is the youtube link thanks!


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