gave his car a good look over. polished his headlight, replaced his filter, attempted to fix his broken door handles.

everyone knows there’s a cabin air filter, right?

his engine oil was perfect, and engine filter pristine, so this isnt about laziness

forgot to get pics of the headlights. but you’ve all seen yellow headlights, well now they are clear.

but as a fill in, here’s me doing the same steps on our rav4. tape, 1000grit, polishing mud, headlight polish.

lastly he had these faux chrome interior door handles. the chrome had broken on all 4 and was cutting hands as the handle was used.


stripped away the “solution” of gorilla tape and you can see the issue, ouchies


i peeled it all away and planned to just respray it black

but then I hit up amazon, and new ones with black plastic that will never rub off like paint or peel like the chrome were ~$5 a piece. worth it.


and the red unlock is fresh and new.

I told my friend about the filter and headlights, and the vacuuming and clean, and mentioned a concerning wear on one tyre. But the handles I didnt mention. I’m hoping one day he just realises when he grabs them and has a good chuckle at how long he went without noticing.