Very few details available, only found one mention in the news. Article states it was a head on collision, but the only photo makes it look more like they were making a left turn across traffic and got hit.

I’m feeling a bit shit about this, because although we were never close friends, I have known them since I moved to Austin eight years ago. I also know their personal life had gone down the drain recently due to an overly controlling, emotionally abusive wife - his best friends haven’t been allowed to see him for the past couple of years on account of her. I had been planning on stopping by his work a couple weeks ago just to say hi, as I was going to be in the area (which I very rarely am anywhere near) but decided not to because it was raining and I didn’t want to walk in the rain. Now I feel like the worst flake in the world.

There’s a lot of tangential shit around this regarding his wife vs. friends that wouldn’t be appropriate to get into publicly. Let’s just say he had good circle of friends and lots of support, and he’d been cut off from it because of her behavior. And it is infuriating that he died before any of them could work out this malicious pettiness. It is easy to lose friends, and it is hard to make them again. Cutting people out of your life for reasons that should be set aside, or could be easily fixed is stupid. After losing a friend to suicide, the thought of friends (or really anyone really) dying at their lowest points has haunted me, and this news and these situations are creating feelings for me which are beyond words at the moment.

Be there for your friends, and their friends. The right time, the next chance, might never happen.