You know you make those work friends where you both get it and enjoy working with each other and will help each other out? Well there is one of the technicians who is buddy buddy with me. When he comes in to get parts quoted or needs a hand looking stuff up I am always happy to help him. Very nice guy. So cause I help him out, he helps me out when I need a tool at work. I mean I have my travel tool box, but it doesn’t nearly have everything. So like when I was putting my tranny together, I needed to torque the front cover, bellhousing, and clutch actuator cylinder back down. So I went out to the shop to ask to borrow one of his. He asks if I am feeling special. I say sure and he opens up a drawer with multiple boxes with torque wrenches and pulls out a Matco one. Tells me he never lets anyone in the shop borrow it, cause honestly they should have their own tools and it cost him $600.

yes it tells you the date and time.... WHY?! My tech doesn’t know either
So very nice!

Dudes! This tool is so cool. You have multiple units, will do torque angle, haptic feedback when you hit the target, and leds on each side (those white bars) to indicate when you are getting close without having to read the screen as seen here.

So thanks to him my tranny is all buttoned up and ready to be installed in my car Monday!! I can’t wait.


Such a wonderful sight
OMG!!! So shiny and clean now