Friends & Car Blogs (Funny Update)

I managed to talk two friends into making burners and going after Oppo authorship. One is trying to become active, the other not so much. Then there’s this third friend, who decided to be all unique and edgey and start his own blog using Wordpress, a platform which I know absolutely nothing about. You can give it a look here, mostly to confuse him about why he is suddenly getting replies and views.

At some point I may tell him to head over here so people will actually, y’know, see his stuff.


UPDATE: I should elaborate, the only place he’s been sharing his blog so far is on FB and Twitter, and as we all know, The Normals don’t really care for our car musings. Thus he’s had virtually no interest. After I shared that link last night, he tweeted this this morning:

Good work, Oppo. If I find specific pieces he did that I think the community might find interesting, I’ll share them over here (provided that’s not breaking any rules). Eventually I’ll reveal to him why he’s suddenly got people seeing his blog and ask if he’d prefer to write on Oppo instead. Until then, I’m finding this entertaining.

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