The most wonderful thing happened, my wife and I found a new home we love in an amazing area for an impressively good price!

We were casually looking, if the right place came up we’d do it - otherwise we’d stay put. This is definitely the right place, but it immediately slapped a massive amount of stress on our lives that I’m not sure either of us expected to come on so hard.We have roughly 30 days to sell our current house to solidify us getting the new one.


I’ll only be attending the CnC portion of the Nashville Oppomeet to have time to prep the house for pictures Saturday. During the 30 day window to sell, we will be spending about 14 days in London. Then immediately after the window expires, we are traveling to Charleston for about a week. I’m intrigued to see how we squeeze a move in to the schedule.

So oppo, with your wide ranges of experiences, tell me how things have gone for you buying a new home contingent on selling your old home? Any surprises we might want to prepare for?