Not every day do I see my fellow Jalop's commend a nice diesel truck but I suspect hugely lifted trucks blowing soot all over have killed your taste for big diesel trucks in general. I have to say though that I love purpose built vehicles and nothing beats a big diesel truck.

It was January 2014 and I was getting the itch to sell my 1 yr old 2013 Audi Q5 lease to Carmax because I just couldn't stand having to make a payment month in and month out and my craze for all things cars just couldn't justify having the same car for 3 yrs, new or not. I ritually cleaned the Q5 (as I do all cars before taking them to Carmax)and even though it didn't really need it being only 1 model year I always tend to clean the car better the day I sell it then when I've owned it.

The 30 minute wait ensued, I browsed the lot disappointed as usual, and then the offer came. $32,400, off from the exact pay off value by only $68. It was a done deal, I vowed once again to never own a new car again.

What should I buy? Just prior to the Q5 I was driving a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited. I was on an SUV binge the last 2 years to say the least. I also have a C5 Corvette that pretty much only stays in the garage as I only drive it a handful of times per year. How about an NA Miata? Not now, too impractical with another 2 seater in the garage. How about a W140 S class? Thats the one! I've always wanted the over engineered behemoth. The search went on and on and on.

Living in South Florida you see a flux of very low mileage cars but most owners want an arm and a leg for their "GEM" or its a middle mile-aged (60-90k) that needs a lot of little things here and there from lack of long term care. After going back and forth on a lot of W140's I realized that I wasn't ready for a German project at this point of getting out of a brand new in warranty vehicle.

Then it hit me. I a Ford 7.3 Powerstroke diesel. Just out of the frustration of looking at one car I some how completely changed my mood and choice. I mindlessly searched local listings as I typically do and found a pretty decent candidate but the pictures were terrible to say the least. I'd decided I would take a look at the truck. It was a 2002 Ford F250 Lariat 4x4 FX4...woieee. 167,000. The Carfax verified numerous records including 3 transmission flushes, 2 coolant flushes and many other items.


Seeing the truck in person and it was an instant sell. It was stupid to say "I'll take it!" so fast while it was raining out and not fully inspecting the truck but at $10,400 I would be stupid to say "no" compared to every other beat up truck I sat in. Everyone praises the 7.3 for lasting 500k+ miles so 167,000 should just be breaking it in!

I took the truck home, washed it and took these pictures the next day.



I was stoked!! This truck was great! The ride height (small block lift), the TORQUE!! And the ability to get everyones attention around you allowed me to cruise around with no issues. I immediately got to doing home projects, all my friends wanted me to move furniture and I could bring the dog to the dog park no problem! This truck single handedly made me a better, less lazy man! I did a few simple mods including the air intake, TS chip and the TorqueApp and bluetooth OBDII Reader.

1 year later and I have the same itch to test the market. Dec 27th, 2014 I list the truck for $12,600 and the next day I sell it for $12,300 to someone as stoked as I was when I saw the truck for the first time. And yet I'm in the same dilemma, what should I buy?

This time I didn't know what I wanted, I just knew it needed to be slightly less costly to run then a 7.3L Diesel and not leak oil all over my driveway.


The Toyota Land Cruiser and Lexus LX470 both came to my attention and the search ensued. Fairly quickly I found one I was very interested in (122,000) and it was only in the 9k price range. The dealer lot was locked down (Gone for Christmas) and I was without a daily driver! Work was starting in a few days, I needed something quick!

The browsing ensued once again and I landed on a vehicle I would have never thought I'd purchase. A 2001 Lexus LS430 with only 49,900 miles. The VIN check verified 6 pages of records including the timing chain, valve cover gaskets, water pump, transmission flushes, coolant flushes etc etc was maintained exactly how every Jalop could only dream of a car being maintained. Everything was taken care of based on age and not mileage. I swooped it up for the sum of $9400 and do believe that I could easily sell it for more. Immediately I purchased replica wheels to replace the stock 2001 wheels and update the look.


I absolutely LOVE this car. It's a boring flagship Toyota product but it is amazing. Ridiculously comfortable, quick when needed and at all speeds its dead silent...the complete opposite of my F250.

With that said, I'm at a loss. Do I keep the Lexus?? Do I quickly move on? I've had some sort of utility vehicle for 3 years now and I feel like I can't do any projects on my home with this car.

The LX470 might just be my next focus...again...oh and I did buy a 1990 Miata in that 1 year I had the truck too but it is just sitting waiting for some love.


Did I mention I miss the truck... :(