I’ve posted recently about my search for something more fun than the Cayman S, which left me wanting for excitement everywhere but the track. After a few test drives I settled on an FR-S and thought I’d share some initial impressions after a 1,000 mile drive from Houston to St. Petersburg, 14 days of ownership and 1 track day.

I intentionally waited until the honeymoon period was over. Still smitten. Why? Fun factor.

What I love: tossable, easy throttle steering, comfortable, inexpensive, mods galore, fabulous community, light and nimble, great feedback, easy to learn, a joy on spirited non-competition drives and did I mention fun?


What I don’t love: road noise is egregious, stereo kinda sucks, the VSC is terrifying with how sudden it kicks in/out (yes, I turn everything off during full hoon and competition, but the VSC is disappointing compared to other car’s systems) and last the factory engine sound is disappointing.

In closing the pros far outweigh the cons and I am pleasantly surprised with just how much of a joy it is to wring speed out of the car in stock form. I was positive that I’d have a JR supercharger on it within a week. After many wide open drives and an AutoX I’m now happy to leave it bone stock (except the tire upgrade that had to be done on Day 3) for a good while.