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From Dallas, Texas back to home in Pennsylvania RHD Miata

Now most people would say this is a horrible idea. But, here I was waking up at 5 AM on Wednesday to go the airport to catch a flight to Dallas. But I did agree to help my good friend find the right Miata and even look at the car with him. The flight went smoothly and the owner picks us up in his Land Cruiser, we stopped for lunch and then a Miata junkyard and got on the road. Once on the road it wasn’t as smooth between sitting in traffic and the storms that were producing tornadoes we were off to a rough start and slow start. Thankfully we stayed on our goal and made it to Memphis the first night.


Day Two:

The second day of driving was our shortest and was supposed to be our easiest. Our path was to go from Memphis, to Nashville and then to stay the night at Knoxville so we could hit Deals Gap in the morning. The drive to Nashville was easy despite the rain. Halfway between Nashville and Knoxville we ran into an issue that no one wants on a roadtrip, a flat tire. But, to make matters worse the rain had caught up with us and we found out by searching through the trunk that there was no tire iron. Now this was our mistake as we didn’t check I saw the jack and the tool to raise it and assumed that the tire iron would also be in the trunk. This small oversight led to us sitting on the side of I-40 for two and a half hours waiting for the tow truck. Once we got the Donut on we made it to Knoxville and relaxed for the night.


Day Three:

On the last day we decided to buy four new tires for the car since we weren’t sure if the others were far behind since it went flat due to dry rotting. Once we got that dealt with we were on the way to the Tail of the Dragon. The views driving up and on the Dragon were breathtaking and made me excited to take my own car next year. As car enthusiasts this was the only place we stopped to get souvenirs of our trip. After the Dragon I treated him to some Cookout and we got back to it. There weren’t many hiccups besides rain and we hit some traffic. Our goal for the day was to get home so we could sleep in our own beds. It’s amazing how a road-trip can make you excited to be able to sleep in your own bed again. With a total of 13 driving hours we made it home at 11:15 PM.


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