After my Jaguar’s unfortunate run-in with being a huge piece of shit I’m driving my high school car again: my dad’s 2000 Buick LeSabre. 240k miles and a decade and a half of abuse. Here are some thoughts on coming back after all this time.

Yikes. Time hasn’t been kind to this car. Tie rod ends are shot, one inner tie rod is shot, needs ball joints, BADLY needs shocks, every warning light on the dash is on courtesy of a bad wheelspeed sensor and a vaccuum leak. The exhaust I fabricobbled together 4 years ago out of drain pipe was... a terrible idea in retrospect as applying enough go pedal to motivate the car to get to speed short of flooring it just results in a ridiculous groan coming from the tailpipe. Sounds neat at WOT though.


Lack of aux or bluetooth sucks ass. Nothing but radio shows on in the morning so instead of listening to music I get to enjoy shitty commercials and dumb trying-too-hard talk show jokes. yay. The 3.8l V6 takes an eternity to get up to operating temp compared to the Miata. The brakes suck ass compared to the Miata but especially compared to the Jaguar’s 4-pots. Having a heater and windshield wipers is nice, though. And the seats are comfy and motorized, which is always fun. Still. I can’t wait to be behind the wheel of my Miata again.