Exhibit A:

Completely unmolested collector-level FD, priced pretty reasonably, if you ask me, at $25k. Though, the seller claims that the car is “Rarely over 4000 rpm”, which seems like madness.

On the other hand...

Exhibit B:


Apparently it has the rebuilt motor, but it “could use a fender” - whatever that means. The missing nose badge is also slightly concerning. Collision? Advertised with one partially obscured photo at $2800, and “NEED GONE”! I bet he’d take $2300. Have values really come down that far, or is there something else going on with this RX-8 that we’re not seeing? I’m guessing the latter.


We know the pitfalls of the RX-8, but I’ve always loved how they look and how they drive, and I have a tax return still burning a hole in my pocket....